This month, LP Creative Co. is celebrating three years in business. I couldn’t be happier to share my success with you as a local graphic and web design studio helping to build and develop our community.

Three summers ago, freelance design was simply a way to feed my creative appetite that I couldn’t satisfy at my 9-5, corporate marketing gig.

I started taking side projects at night and over weekends to fuel my creative drive. Designing websites, developing brands, creating logos and doing print work kept me fed during the week. I had no idea what the freelance world had waiting for me. But, as my talents grew quickly, so did my business.

Three inspiring years later, I’ve come into my own as a designer and entrepreneur. When I’m not creating distinct brands and websites for my amazing clients, you can find me in my Omaha studio where I work with wonderful people, businesses and nonprofits all over the country.

But that’s not all!

This year marked an exciting milestone!

A few months ago, I took a leap of faith and committed full-time to growing LP Creative Co. I launched a brand new website to share my clients’ success stories, and have become my own boss for the first time!

If you had asked me last year about my freelance plans, I wouldn’t have predicted success like this to happen so fast. But, through many opportunities and blessings in my life, I’ve had the confidence and faith to “go for it.”

I owed it to myself to say, “Yes. I will follow my dreams.” That was the first day I took charge of my future.

In this experience, I’ve learned that owning your own business has a lot of wonderful perks. But, it isn’t all roses and high fives. Being self-employed brings more stress and risk, but also more rewards.

So far, I’ve learned a few important keys to success:

  1. Always work to perfect your craft and skills
  2. Be smart and efficient with every minute of the day
  3. Understand the logistics of accounting
  4. Be smart with money

Most importantly, I’ve learned that being self-motivated, hard-working and determined will keep me on track to reach the goals I’ve set for myself and my business.

Understanding there will be hard times is just part of business and life. But, I believe wholeheartedly that those defining moments will build my character and resilience for years to come, and ensure the future success of not only my business, but my clients’ businesses. Just ask them!

“She has great ideas, works on short notice, completes all the tasks on time and has reasonable rates. Most importantly is Lauren’s ability to listen to our needs and tell us the best way to achieve our goals. We would be lost without her expertise and great service. LP Creative Co. is a rare “one-stop-shop” that does everything well. I have recommended her services to anyone who needs a graphic artist or a web designer.” Jeff Banghart, Co-Founder, MyVitalz, LLC

“Her professionalism, knowledge, talent and competitive pricing made for a very pleasant experience in an area that I was not all that familiar with.” Rejuvenating Women

“She is so very talented, and so hands-on. She built a gorgeous website that is already getting rave reviews from my followers. I would highly recommend her services!” Michaela Kenkel, An Affair from the Heart

I’ve also learned that giving back to the community reflects positively every time, and is a very rewarding benefit to owning a business. This year, I’m excited to announce that LP Creative Co. is a proud supporter of WordCamp Omaha, an internationally recognized conference focused on everything WordPress. I’m honored to serve as the lead graphic designer in charge of branding WordCamp’s first Omaha conference, and couldn’t be more happy to give back!

As I look back on my first three years in business, I want to genuinely thank my family, friends and clients who have supported me as I chart my own path in life.

I look forward to helping build and brand our local business community, and celebrating our shared success for many more years to come!

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