Our founder, Lauren Hunt, was recently interviewed by UpCity, a leading provider of B2B reviews, about what it was like taking a leap of faith and starting the company, the joys and challenges of being a mompreneur, why our reputation means everything to us, and more.

Taking a Leap of Faith

When asked about the challenges of starting your own business, Lauren discussed the need for faith in yourself and your support systems:

“For anyone thinking about starting their own business, just know that it’s a leap of faith. You have to have faith in yourself, in your abilities, in your family and your support systems. Look to others like myself as examples and with hard work and determination, you can start something great. You just have to keep pushing and working at it.”

Being a Mompreneur

These days there’s no reason to choose between being a mom and owning a business. There are so many incredible mompreneur success stories out there that should inspire you to do the same. When asked about her experience as a mompreneur, Lauren noted:

“I always wanted to be a mom, but I also love my business. I love working with people, helping people with their businesses, so I went through this complex stage of trying to figure out that work-life balance. Ultimately, I decided that I could do both. It was gonna be a lot of work and that was going to be challenging, but I had faith in myself that I could do it and I knew that there are tons of other mompreneurs out there that do the same thing every day.

The way I looked at it, I essentially had two babies: I had my son and my business. I didn’t want running my business to interfere with being a good mom. I was really afraid of that, but I also didn’t want my family life to affect my professional goals and aspirations.”

Reputation Means Everything

Managing your online reputation is absolutely essential for businesses looking to capitalize on digital marketing. Lauren had this advice for new business owners:

“For new business owners, I’d definitely say that building your reputation should be at the forefront of your mind from the very beginning. I’ve been able to build my business with almost no advertising or marketing at all. It’s really just about serving people in the best way. Finding a way that you can differentiate yourself is important, but it doesn’t hold a candle to having a stellar reputation.”

LP Creative Co is proud to be listed as one of the top web design companies in the United States. To read the full interview with UpCity, click here.