WordCamp Omaha 2014

The Institute for the Culinary Arts at Metropolitan Community College was the location of the first ever WordCamp Omaha! An Open Source platform with millions of downloads each year, WordPress is the most popular CMS (content management system). WordPress development, design, and its business uses are the focus of inspiring, informative sessions. Each session is given by experts who live in Omaha or travel here from across the country for this two-day community event. WordCamps are not-for-profit events that grow out of the local WordPress communities. The community is made up of people that are active in the WordPress Omaha Meetup group, and individuals and local businesses who use WordPress for various purposes.

Being actively involved in Omaha’s community WordPress Meetup group, LP Creative Co. was given an opportunity to lead the art direction for Omaha’s first ever WordCamp 2014. I’ve learned that giving back to the community reflects positively every time, and is a very rewarding benefit to owning a small business. Serving as lead art director and designer for the branding of this project not only was rewarding but allowed us the opportunity to give back to the Omaha community in a way that benefits the people we serve. LP Creative Co. is proud to be a sponsor for this Omaha conference.

Some conference tracks included:

  • Using WordPress to Build Your Brand and Business by Christoph Trappe
  • The Challenges of Monetizing a Free Plugin by Pippin Williamson
  • Content-Driven WordPress Development by Stephanie Eckles

Attendees included professional designers, developers, bloggers, small business owners, entrepreneurs, and educators across the country. The conference offered several educational tracks, offering sessions for the “User/Business” and “Designer/Developer” levels.

There were many sponsors for the 2014 conference. A few include: BlueHost, MediaTemple, Code Poet, MCC Neb, FlyWheel and The Reader.

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