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Web Design & Digital Marketing Creative Process

We are a full-service design agency in Overland Park and Omaha.  Our team of specialists possess the digital marketing experience, business knowledge, and personal investment needed to see your project through. We strive to ensure that you enjoy our creative process.

We know that choosing to work with us is an important decision, and have outlined what a typical project process might look like We want to be as transparent as possible on how we deliver the results you desire. Each project we work on is unique. This means that our methods are constantly evolving and adapting to the needs of our clients. In each unique case, however, our process remains the same.


Proactive communication is one our top priorities, as we believe it’s key to the success of any creative effort. With us, you can expect to be properly informed of progress as we actively work on your project. This level of communication allows us to consistently follow through on appropriate timelines, deliverables and our commitment to you.


This is the most important stage of the project, where we invest the amount of time and energy needed to authentically represent you. This is why we begin every project by listening. We listen so that we can understand your needs as a company, and the goals you’re trying to achieve. Rather than looking for a generic list of project requirements, we want to empathetically consider your perspective and what success looks like to you.


The information gathered in discovery allows us to begin concept development. In this phase, we roll up our sleeves to brainstorm and develop the most applicable and exciting solutions for your company. Our ultimate objective is to have a lasting effect on your clients and prospects through research, sketching, logo generation, website wireframing and mockups, and storyboarding that is in line with your brand.


Collaboration can mean a lot of things, but at LP Creative Co., it means that everyone is actively considering ideas and sparking new ones together. Once concepts are presented and your feedback is gathered, we use your input to bring a unique approach to the project. Rest assured, clients have buy-in every step of the way; we are simply here to use our experience and expertise to help ideas grow and become reality.


Once the project has been built, we make it a priority to ensure a successful launch. We know implementing a new brand in your organization or maintaining a powerful new website can seem overwhelming. That’s why we provide one-on-one attention, training, and ongoing support. We want to ensure our clients feel properly equipped and confident in their investments.


While we make it a priority to empower you after a project launch, we know that a project doesn’t simply end upon delivery. We offer ongoing, support, making us just a phone call away when questions arise.

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