When starting a new business or organization, it can be human nature for one to promptly run right out and purchase a ton of business cards with their name typed out across the top of some generic, boring and unprofessional template they have selected from an online vendor. This may be a natural response to the excitement you are feeling as a new business owner. Having something tangible to hand out to friends and prospects helps it feel more real.

logo design


With all the excitement and adrenaline you are feeling about starting your new venture, it can be tempting to skip the first step of proper branding and logo design. Why is this step easily skipped over? Because it costs money and time. Not every business owner has extra start-up capital laying around, or has loads of extra time. We get it!

A designer’s opinion is that logo identity and branding are crucial elements to the success of your business. Your logo represents you and your business, and should represent the essence of what you are and the services you provide. Your logo should be unique and designed professionally. There is a direct correlation between the professionalism of your logo, branding and marketing materials and customer expectations. This is why if you are starting a business, your logo design and brand identity should be at the forefront of your plan. This will be the basis for all the branding choices you will make on your website, marketing collateral and promotional materials.

How much should a professional logo design cost?

The cost for logo design can vary quite a bit dependent upon who you hire. Logos can literally cost anywhere from nothing to millions of dollars.  Logo design is an art form, so it is totally subjective as to what logo design is “worth.” If you hire a large design firm you can pay upwards of $10k-$20k for your branding. Smaller design agencies may charge a couple thousand dollars and a freelance designer might be able to design a logo for a few hundred dollars. It’s important for you to invest the time to research your options. Don’t be afraid to set up meetings to interview designers and design firms in your area. You’ll want to find someone who is reputable and you feel comfortable with creating your vision.

Why can the price of Logos vary so much?

There are many variables that come into play when choosing a logo design package. You may pay more for multiple logo concepts and additional rounds of design revisions. The price may be higher if the logo package includes more than just the logo. You may pay more because the designer is very experienced and highly respected. If a designer is busy and simply doesn’t need any more work at that time, you may pay more. There are lots of reasons that would affect the pricing. Any of these are suitable options, depending on your budget and needs.

The Logo Design Process

Every design and creative agency will have their own unique process they follow. One of the key steps in any process should be communication. Before any designing begins you should do some homework and take the time to think about your needs and how you want your business to be conveyed. Find a handful of logos that you love and come up with a list of words that describe the personal style you are trying to achieve (i.e. rustic, contemporary, vintage). It’s also important to come up with a list of things you don’t want.

Once your logo has been finalized, make sure you receive and have access to the original vector artwork files. You may request other formats as well. You likely won’t be able to open the vector file on your computer without the appropriate design applications, but don’t worry. Save it! This is what printing or other design companies will want if you get something printed.


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