Here at LP Creative Co., while we love designing fast, beautiful websites that represent your company and its values, we also love to talk about managed WordPress hosting for our Kansas City clients and beyond!


Because we believe that managed WordPress hosting is the optimal way to keep your website safe, fast, and stress-free as it spreads your message and helps your business thrive.

If you’ve decided to invest in a professionally-built website, it makes sense that you’d want to make sure that website is functioning exactly the way it was built to, right? Choosing a hosting plan that is managed by WordPress experts in Kansas City and Omaha is the perfect way to ensure that your website performs in the ways you need it to (without having to worry about it).

What is Managed WordPress Hosting?

The title itself is pretty self-explanatory, in that Managed WordPress Hosting is exactly that — hosting for your WordPress website that is managed by a WordPress expert. This means that all the ins-and-outs of your business’ website — and the virtual real estate it sits on — is tended to in detail by your host.

The alternative would be your typical, basic hosting plan that houses your website and many others on the same server, forcing each website to share resources between themselves. This is commonly referred to as “shared” hosting.

At LP Creative Co., we entrust our clients’ websites to our favorite hosting provider — Flywheel — in order to provide a comprehensive, headache-free hosting experience.

By letting a trained WordPress professional manage your hosting, you can breathe easily knowing that your website is in good hands and, if something weird happens, they’re WordPress engineers have the skills needed to fix it.

Keep Your Website Safe and Secure

One of the most convincing arguments for managed WordPress hosting is the benefit of increased security measures designed to protect your website from breaches and hackers. Your host will monitor your site for malware, attacks, and any other concerning activity 24/7. And in the highly unlikely event that something is detected, your host will be able to deal with the problem quickly and effectively. Our hosting partner, Flywheel, is on top of the latest security vulnerabilities, and specializes in proactively blocking threats. If your site is somehow compromised, Flywheel will fix it for free.

When you choose managed hosting with LP Creative Co., you’ll also get a free SSL certificate, which means your website will have a secure, encrypted version (HTTPS). This not only provides safety measures for site visitors, but also makes your site appear more favorable to Google.

Managed Hosting Makes for Lightning Speed

Managed WordPress hosting with LP Creative Co. and Flywheel means your website isn’t sharing resources with other websites on their servers. Your site gets its own dedicated resources, and no one else’s site will be interfering with the performance or security of yours. It’s safe, sound, and makes for super-speedy loading times. The fast your site loads, the better it is for SEO.

Additionally, Flywheel tunes their servers for optimal WordPress performance. This means that everything is built and maintained to perfectly support WordPress, and is only managed by WordPress experts. They even configure all the caching, so you don’t have to set up caching plugins or worry about your site speed.

And if you don’t know what caching is? No problem. That’s the beauty of managed hosting.

Work More, Worry Less

Site security and efficiency are both fantastic benefits to managed WordPress hosting, but those things aren’t really something you, the business owner, notice in your everyday life.

The convenience factor, however? That’s something that directly affects you, allowing you to focus on the important parts of your day, like running your business. By choosing managed WordPress hosting, you can turn your focus away from the maintenance and security of your website, and back to your area of expertise.

Between WordPress updates, security checks, and performance monitoring, maintaining a well-run, high-functioning website can take up hours of your day — hours that you can’t afford to lose. Having a WordPress expert in control of the whole thing ends up saving you time, money, and expensive IT resources.

This doesn’t mean you’ll be in the dark, though. Flywheel provides 24/7 support via live chat, phone, or email. Add LP Creative Co.’s support team on top of that, and you can officially cross “worrying about your website” off of your to-do list. Flywheel’s platform is built to create a better workflow between host and customer, keeping communication clear, open, and easy to navigate.

Friendly, Dependable Managed WordPress Hosting in Kansas City and Omaha

At LP Creative Co., we’re here for you!

We want you to have an incredible website that serves your business’ needs without serving you stress. If managed WordPress hosting sounds appealing to you, please feel free to contact us — we can’t wait to be of service.