Attracting new customers, leading them through the sales funnel and turning them into conversions is a challenging journey for many businesses. With the internet being so crowded with businesses competing for the very same audience, having a strategy to differentiate yourself is crucial. For everything from search engine optimization to lead generations and beyond, quality content is a powerful tool for your business.

The trick is in knowing how to create content that speaks to your audience at each stage of the sales funnel. Identifying the various stages of your funnel and learning how to appeal to your audience at each step is key to a growing business.

The Basic Stages of a Sales Funnel

When we talk about a sales funnel, what we’re referring to are the various stages that a customer passes through as they move from being introduced to your business to the point of conversion and beyond.

At the top of the funnel, you have the largest section of your audience that has a building interest in your business. However, not all of those people are going to make a purchase. You’ll lose some along the way, and as you do, the funnel becomes smaller but also more targeted.

There are 4 basic stages to the sales funnel – awareness, interest, decision and action. Content can help you move a future customer from one stage to the next but you need a strategic approach. Here’s how to create SEO content for each stage of the funnel.


At this stage, it’s all about building awareness of your brand. Outreach is crucial, as is having a solid, reputable presence online.

To attract more leads to your business, establish your authority with content that’s valuable but different than what your competitors are churning out. Take a different spin on topics and consider guest blogging to attract a larger audience.

Now is also the time to revisit the content on your home page and product or service pages to make sure it answers questions and invites further exploration.


You’ve got their attention, now all you need to do is nurture it. People at this stage of the funnel are likely to be following you on social media, so use this opportunity to post content that answers questions and provides a deeper level of information. This is also the point where a content focused email campaign to generate further interest can be very effective.


At the decision stage of the funnel, your leads need just a bit more convincing. They want to know that they’re not taking a risk, and it’s your job to provide them with the answers and reassurance they need.

Consider testimonial videos or long form Q&A style content that provides answers for the questions a customer has right before they make that final leap.


You’ve nurtured them and now your conversion rate is on the rise. Congratulations, but the journey doesn’t stop here. For the sake of reputation management and future growth, you want to keep a steady stream of content that’s targeted toward their unique needs. Creating content for customer milestones or to introduce them to additional products or services of interest to them will go far in establishing a long term relationship.

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