“Can you help us with our SEO?”

I wish I had a cheeseburger for every time I was asked that question.

It’s a valid question for sure, but it’s much more complex than a “yes”. If you evaluate your marketing strategies and it includes having a website and SEO, then you absolutely need to start with the website first.

I already have a website, so SEO must be next, right?

Technically yes, but on the surface no.

Have you really had the chance to evaluate your website? Does the design, layout, and content “guide” the user to engage in your business? Or does it push them away?

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I always encourage users to look at their website with “virgin eyes” and make an honest assessment of their site and if they would buy from themselves. Could there be anything hindering someone from engaging with your business?

A common list of offenses:

  • Spelling errors or poor grammar
  • Bad design and user experience
  • Good design, poor usability
  • Making Call-to-Actions difficult to find
  • Slow page load times
  • Bland web copy
  • Too much copy
  • Too little information
  • Vague Information that makes someone question your legitimacy
  • Videos that automatically play
  • Cheesy Stock Photos

The list goes on…

The point is you need a really dynamic and skilled marketing person/team who takes these things into consideration when assembling your website. And just because you’ve launched the site, there is still room for tweaking. (Side note: I recommend trying FullStory.com on your website to see video playback of people using your site so then you can analyze behavior and adjust accordingly.)

So What’s Your Point?

I feel morally obligated to letting you know that it’s good due diligence to spend some time evaluating your website BEFORE any money is spent on SEO. Imagine if someone told you that in order to grow your business, you simply had to locate your business at the busiest intersection of your city. Never mind the fact that the interior presentation of your store is highly lacking. Do you see where this presents a problem?

You could hire the best SEO company and fork over tons of money to have high placement on Google, but if none of that coverts to business due to an ineffective website then you’ve essentially wasted your money.

So who do you hire? Luckily, the experts at LP Creative Co. take the time upfront to assess your website and it’s current architecture. Their team will provide a comprehensive analysis on all of the areas that may need improvement as well as offer suggestions and tips to improve your site. The necessary steps to get your website up-to-date and optimized will be at the forefront of their campaign strategy, ensuring your business has the best chance for a successful inbound marketing campaign.

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