Accounting software and invoicing made easy with Freshbooks

Invoicing and accounting is an essential part of running a business, and since 2011 we have been using accounting software FreshBooks, a web-based application for making these tedious accounting tasks easy, fast and secure. The main reason we’ve enjoyed using this software is for their intuitive invoicing service that allows us to send branded invoices to clients with ease, as well as track what invoices have been viewed, paid or not paid.

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Freshbooks for Invoicing and Payments

Freshbooks is an online system that has become a de facto standard for freelance bookkeeping. A free account is available to those with a smaller number of clients, or the Seedling and Evergreen plans starting at a reasonable $19.95/month allows up to unlimited clients.

If you tend to work by estimating a flat rate, or if you charge by the hour, Freshbooks offers an easy ‘real-time’ time tracking system.  One nice feature is their “snail mail” invoicing, allowing you to send printed invoices with payment stubs and return envelopes for $1.79 US or less. Or you can simply send your invoices via email to your clients.

This online accounting software also makes bookkeeping as easy as a few taps, by using the mobile app.  You can generate invoices, track time, send estimates and review reports all from your smart phone or mobile device.  This makes it very easy when traveling or on the go.

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