Many people erroneously use the term “brand” as some form of shorthand to mean “company.” But a brand is actually a promise to a customer about the type of experience and/or product they are buying, as well as how they will feel every time they use it.

Strong brands are now an important part of the company’s total value. In fact, they make up the goodwill and other intangible assets that go into valuing a business. It’s important to note, however, that brands do not just appear on the market one day, and instantly have a loyal following. Because of their intangible nature, brands require a ton of effort to earn the respect and loyalty of their consumers.

Some business executives will go to the grave claiming they know their customers and what needs to be done to build their brands. But sometimes, being too close to your business means that you don’t necessarily know how the company is perceived from the outside. For the best insights, support, ideas, and faster brand building traction, it’s always worthwhile for companies to engage an effective brand agency like LP Creative Co.

Here are five of the most important pieces of a corporate brand:

Your Target Audience

Regardless of the types of products and/or services you have to offer, you need to know your target audience, as well as those who make the buying decisions. Your brand’s messaging then needs to speak to them using a style and tone that resonates with them. As such, having a fundamental understanding of your target audience is critical.

Your Brand’s Identity

A brand’s identity is built over a period of time, and is often represented by a positioning statement, which is a statement that shows its position in the market. A positioning statement is usually derived from a company’s unique value proposition. Your brand’s identity should work with all the other elements of your branding and marketing strategy, so that it instills confidence to potential customers who may be considering your products and services.

Your Tone of Voice

Tone of voice refers to how your company communicates with the world. Even with small business branding, a consistent tone of voice is key, since it gives a distinct sense of personality to the brand itself. As such, you need to think about the messages you want to convey across all communication channels. Do you want to seem friendly, professional, expert, reserved, or confident?

Your Products & Services

Properly describing your products and/or services gives a clear sense of your unique value proposition within the market. Even if you offer niche products and services, it’s still important to convey your actual business proposition and educate people about who you are and what you have to offer. Never assume that people already know.

Your Design and Creative Elements

A brand should be distinctive, resonate with customers, be consistent, and remain true to the company’s values. This applies to all the visual elements of the brand too. The look, feel, and voice of the brand should be reflected in your logo, as well as colors, fonts, and overall style. It should also be consistent throughout all your marketing channels, from packaging and advertisements to social media posts and the company website.

Developing a strong corporate brand is a must in today’s extremely competitive business climate. It’s important to not rush through developing yours, however, just for the sake of getting it done. Truly hone-in on what you want your target to associate with your brand, and then begin developing your brand around this centralized theme.

If you want to take the guesswork out of your corporate branding, let LP Creative Co’s fully-fledged branding studio handle all your branding needs.

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