Turn old and outdated logos into pristine logos with our Logo Refresh service

Your logo is important to your business and a vital element in your brand identity. It represents exactly who you are, as well as the services or products you offer. And although it’s only one facet of your business identity, it’s probably the most visible.

If your company has an established, easily recognizable logo and brand identity that is a bit outdated, a logo refresh may be a better fit than a full logo redesign.

Luckily, we specializes in Logo Identity – which includes logo refresh, logo repair and logo refinement services. Granted, this might sound like a handful of buzzwords, but they’re nothing to be afraid of. What’s the difference between a logo, an identity, and a brand? Since there’s a lot of misconception involved with the meaning of each of these, it’s important to have a clear understanding of them.


A logo is the representation of the organization in its simplest form; the emblem or element that triggers the feelings of consumers; critical for recognition… a trademark.

Logo Identity

An identity is the working combination of an organization’s elements; the complete package of materials that consumers encounter, including logo, business cards, websites, ads, package design, etc.


A brand is a concept rather than a concrete object; the foundation of an entire marketing framework; the emotional and psychological relationship between a company and consumers.

Does your business need a logo refresh?

Our logo refresh and refinement services give your logo the much needed facelift they deserve without deviating from the values it represents. We can bring new life to your logo and generate all the necessary file formats you’ll need for web and print. We can take your scans, jpegs, or sketches and refine the design, typography, and color scheme to provide you with a professionally rendered, high-resolution vector logo. Our logo refresh solution can revitalize a tired logo and ensure that it’s a vital asset, all while keeping it competitive so your business will have ready recognition in your particular industry and market.

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When is a logo refresh the right solution?

Perhaps your logo is so old it’s covered in cobwebs… or maybe you’ve only had it for a few months, but can’t quite adjust to the new identity. Whatever the situation is, whether it looks unprofessional or is simply presented badly, a logo that just doesn’t feel right needs a trip back to the drawing board. We offer the opportunity to do just that with our logo refresh and logo repair services. Taking into account your values and the impression you’d like to convey, we will create a logo that represents your company with style and authenticity.

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Logo Vectorization

You may also have the need for original vector artwork files. Every business should have a vector version (.eps, .ai or .psd) of their logo. This is important to have when making adjustments in the future or ordering promotional materials or marketing collateral for your business.  If you don’t have access to these files (or perhaps your Graphic designer has disappeared), it’s in your best interests to have your logo handled by a local, credible design agency. If you’re trying to establish the identity of your business through your logo, we can assist by providing professional, original, and easily recognizable designs that are eagerly accepted by the market.

Need advice about your existing logo or branding?

We would love the opportunity to visit with you about your current logo and branding. Feel free to browse through our online portfolio or contact us to learn more about our logo repair services.


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